DIY Art Projects

Sometimes, you need an extra little bit of motivation to get started with a new year especially if you re a creative type. Luckily, we have Pinterest to keep us in the know about simple DIY Art Projects throughout the year. If you haven t joined the Pinterest community (or worse, haven t heard of Pinterest), it may be time to crawl out of the rock you ve clearly been under and join! Pinterest is a great resource for creatives, anyone from stay-at-home moms to small business owners and Etsy merchants. Many of our Pinterest followers enjoy posting and sharing different DIY projects that they have done, or they ll share ideas that we ve shared. Framing is an art in itself, and there s no doubt that many art projects of this type involve wall-mounted displays. You ll find many great inspirational images like this on craft blogs and Pinterest. DIY Craft Materials Etsy is a great place to find a supplier to get you started for materials. Depending on what you need for your project, you can

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