Selecting Art and Picture Frames for your Business

Choosing office decor may not be as simple as you think interior decorating says volumes about your business. For those with a business that sees plenty of through-traffic such as hotels, restaurants, marketing firms, cafes or studios, art and interior design become a major selling point of what your business entails. Taking the hotel example, think of a time where you have maybe stayed in a nice resort, or maybe a refreshing getaway where the artwork matched the theme of the surrounding environments. Of course, the focus here is ambience and design over importance of display, but wall decor of your workplace will undoubtedly be noticed at some point by your guests and clientele. A design by Process5. This restaurant features interesting, but not distracting, artwork for guests to view while waiting for their meal. The large framed mirrors are meant to show off the food as art when brought to the table. See the full article here. So what sorts of wall art would fit your company the mo

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