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New Pictures From Our Remodeled Retail Outlet

I just wanted to take some time to post a few new images from our newly revamped picture frame outlet. We have been working hard to remodel the site and tie in a new customer and framing flow. We re-added our wall of art. If you are in the Cincinnati Area we urge you to please stop by and say HI! Our awesome frame selection is perfect for gifting treasured memories and incredible artworks.

Frame USA Outlet Art Wall

We have added a new art lounge area. Come rest your weary bones from the hours of Holiday Shopping!

Art Lounge at Frame USA

Below you can take a look at our new streamlines picture frame selection wall…

Wall of Picture Frames

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Art Frames – 5 Reasons To Use Frames For Your Artwork

Art framesArt is one of the best things that the human race has come up with. It is found to be an essential element of all forms of culture. With art, we get to see some things in lights that we do not usually see. Though we all live nowadays in a very crowded and somewhat hectic society, sometimes it is nice to stop for a while and admire the works of art that we all get to see when we look at the works of others.

If you are an artist or just someone who wants to show people his work of art, you should really get into investing into an art frame. You may ask about what art frames can do for your work of art, here are a few:

1. They act as windows – Though not literally windows, the frames can act as some sort of windows where the viewer can sort of take a peek into a totally different and somewhat magical world. The art frames help in showing people some sort of view that they would surely not appreciate if they had just simply glued the work of art directly to the wall.

2. They make the whole look better – Though some pretentious people would really disagree in having the frame play a part in the portrayal of the art in the work itself, it is really very well-known that the frames would add to the over-all look and vibe of the work that is viewed. With this, people would tend to see the frame and the art as a whole.

3. They add a touch of personality – Many times the art frames set the tone and personality of the whole painting or picture. Yes, people would get to see more luxury in a renaissance painting if it was encased in a nicely done wooden frame.

4. They make the art look a lot bigger – It may come as some sort of surprise to the people, but the frame actually does make the painting or picture a little bit bigger than it is. In this case, the frame is taken in as part of the painting and would make the painting more than just a picture but more of a portrayal of an imaginary world.

5. They let the viewer know that it is looking at a work of art – People don’t realize it but they really show more respect to those things that they perceive as more established and official. When they get a view of art frames containing paintings, they directly put on a face of admiration and go on to admire the work rather than criticizing it.

Metal Art Frames

Most would agree, we can see that having frames really would do a whole lot to the work of art itself. You may find it surprising when you see your work get the attention and admiration that it really deserves to have.

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Finding the Best Wholesale Picture Frames

Wholesale Picture FramesFinding the perfect frame to match your picture framing needs is not really as easy as it may sound. Many people often find themselves frustrated and many times tired of trying to find the best place to buy wholesale picture frames. In fact, sometimes you just get the feeling that maybe you cannot get any of this right. You don’t have to worry too much. Though it may not seem like a walk in the park, finding the best picture frames for your pictures is not exactly an impossible task either. You just have to set for yourself the proper mind-set in which you should engage in your search and never forget to remember a few helpful thoughts.

            1. Look for the great designs – One of the most basic things that you should be looking for in a good picture frame is the design. As superficial as it may seem, it is really no secret that having a good picture frame consists almost solely on having a great design of the frames. You should always look for frames that are very pleasing to the eye and would really compliment the greatness of your picture.

2. Search for the great deals – you should know that in looking for the best wholesale picture frames, you should search for the ones that come with the great offers. Always try to look for the ones with great promos such as discounts or buy one take one promos. You would have more than what you originally bargained for if you only put to mind the great deals that you could be taking part in.

3. Always mind the best prices – Just about the most crucial element in the search for the best picture frames is the price. You should always look for the low prices. Though not necessarily too low, you should know and set some sort of standard having a ratio and proportion between the price and the quality and design.

4. Always be on the lookout for something better – Though you may find wholesale picture frames that look very much desirable and have great design, you should still be on the lookout for other stores offering a little more. That said, it is not so good to be too much of a perfectionist that you fail to see the value of the deal you are already looking into.

Finding the best wholesale picture frames is not the easiest task there is. That said – you can still do good with what you have. With these few tips, you should be able to find the best frames you need for your picture framing needs and wants. All you should do is look into what you want for the design and once you find the design you want, you should go see if there are discounts or other promos that might help you save more.

All these you can do while minding the prices and looking out for a better deal out there. But despite this, you should still know when you have the right one in your hands.

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An Awesome Value – Cheap Picture Frames

In our lives, we all would have literally thousands of moments that we would most likely want to relive and enjoy over and over again. But since that is quite impossible, we stick to the closest thing that we can get to: pictures. Sure, pictures show us the very moments that we would most likely to look back on sometime and relive the memory of having such a great time.

With this, we come to the habit of putting up our pictures in picture frames. Yes, and in this day and age, it may seem a little more than mundane, but it is still a very worthwhile habit which really brings a lot of meaning. With only a couple of cheap picture frames and your pictures of your unforgettable experiences, you could re-live your moments.

Picture frames VS Picture albums

Cheap Picture FramesThere are a lot of things we can do with our pictures. One of these is through putting them inside an album. Yes, there are lots of people that enjoy putting up their album with such passion. Many of them usually put designs on their albums and make them as personal as they can. Usually, picture albums can be considered than having frames since there is much more pictures that can be accommodated by the album.

But oftentimes, people tend to neglect the greatness of cheap picture frames and usually end up not realizing its showcasing ability. With it, you can really have a good combination of design and display in your home.

Picture frames VS Photos on Facebook

Many people nowadays would disregard photo frames since they usually have their Facebook profiles for their photo albums. This may be a very good and convenient way to store and have one’s pictures but you still cannot deny the goodness of having a picture frame in front of you. It really gives you the genuine feel of the moment it captured.

Why get the expensive ones?

Many people would go so far as to look for gold-plated frames and stuff to put their pictures in. This makes no sense whatsoever as it really doesn’t matter much what it is made of. What makes a frame is what it holds and how it shows it. Why should you spend much on something you can get for so less? You really do not have to be a photo genius to find out that cheap picture frames portrays a captured moment just as well as any expensive frame.

Great value for so much less

Though not exactly technologically advanced, you really cannot just disregard the value that a frame can grant you. Though you cannot tag your friends and family in it, it still gives you the feel of the companionship that the picture holds. Though not as expensive and as large as photo albums, cheap picture frames still give you what they can in a kind of value that you would not originally expect it to. Truly, a great way to go!

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Guinness World Records Gone Wild Uses Glory Metal Picture Frames

Guinness World Records Gone Wild Uses Glory Metal Picture Frames – Guinness World Records Gone Wild Uses Glory Metal Picture Frames