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Framing and Hanging your Art

A deeper study into hanging and arranging framed art A recent help guide by Affordable Art Fair in the UK helped spur us to make another post on arranging, framing and hanging your art. Of course, we ve made several posts on hanging picture frames, but any additional resource is always appreciated when we speak with artists and gallery owners. When should you frame your art? Even though we sell picture frames at low prices here at Frame USA, we ll be the first to admit that not every piece of wall art calls for a frame. In fact, many contemporary pieces are meant to display alone. These can always be spiced up with a Floater frame, but this does not make their existance 100% necessary. Some times to consider a frame would be any time you do not have a canvas. Your display options are both more limited and wide open when using paper of some sort. Some artist will simply mat their artwork, others will simply buy a frame in the correct size for their piece. Custom framing is another op

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Wholesale Posters, Wall Art and Prints – New and Best Selling

For art, wall decor, humor posters and more, you won t find a better selection for the price! Posters and wall art have always been an important part of what we do at Frame USA, Inc. With framing being our primary expertise, we also know what looks good inside of those frames. From fine art and pop culture to Spencer s-style humor, we keep a wide variety of imagery available to customers who want a one stop shop for wall art. Edgar Allen Poe PSA010240 Some of our best sellers fall under the Education and Humor sections. Our specialty with posters includes our wholesale ordering, where you can buy a rack of posters and we ll simply refill your order any time at a great rate! You can also find our hottest posters over on Amazon or eBay with options to frame or mount them on wood. Antique USA Map PSA010405 Pictured Above: An antique map of the USA. This of course being before the colonies were broken up into the states we know today. Pictured below: The US Constitution. This is one of th

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Framing Art – From Literal to Abstract

Framing has many different meanings and many uses as terminology, spanning from artistic photographs/photographic cropping, reflective framed surfaces, and of course, picture framing itself. Exploring the art of framing is diverse and complicated, but an interesting obervation of what framing has meant in the past and what it means today. Set in the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, this exhibit aims to explore the meaning of framing in both a past and present sense. This exhibit is hosted by Cornell s History of Art majors, showing that these students not only study the history behind the art, but the artistic perspective itself. You can find out more about Cornell and this gallery at the link provided below. Students at Cornell discuss all the meanings of framing as it relates to art.

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Selecting Art and Picture Frames for your Business

Choosing office decor may not be as simple as you think interior decorating says volumes about your business. For those with a business that sees plenty of through-traffic such as hotels, restaurants, marketing firms, cafes or studios, art and interior design become a major selling point of what your business entails. Taking the hotel example, think of a time where you have maybe stayed in a nice resort, or maybe a refreshing getaway where the artwork matched the theme of the surrounding environments. Of course, the focus here is ambience and design over importance of display, but wall decor of your workplace will undoubtedly be noticed at some point by your guests and clientele. A design by Process5. This restaurant features interesting, but not distracting, artwork for guests to view while waiting for their meal. The large framed mirrors are meant to show off the food as art when brought to the table. See the full article here. So what sorts of wall art would fit your company the mo

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The Art of Framing

Artistic framing is precise framing, guiding the customer with their ideas to make the total composition fit their exact needs. In many cases, the design of a picture frame (as well as the mat pairings, v-grooves, bevels etc.) make as much of an artistic statement as the artwork itself. Framers use design principles such as color theory, geometric correctness, depth perception and texture to decide what will compliment your artwork to the best of their ability. This is, of course, all done with the artwork and your own personal preferences in mind, and a good framer will walk you through the entire process. It s also an impressive feat when a framer will not only custom frame your piece to perfection, but engrave and/or carve your specific designs into the wood. While we don t specialize in custom framing to that degree, we do offer personalization services, laser engraving and a fully-staffed custom framing department that can answer any questions you have about making your artwork e

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Framing Tips – From Antique Maps to Fragile Art

Being primarily a wholesale framing business, we don t make it a point to emphasize custom framing quite as much as our great deals and high-quality product. However, we do have a custom framing department both for our Build A Frame feature and our retail store in Cincinnati, Ohio. While not our main focus, we still offer the best deals around with the best service on the market! (For instance, did you know we were recently nominated for Best Frame Shop in Cincinnati?) Today, we thought we d share four quick tips on how to not only get the most mileage out of your framing, but also how to best select the materials for your work. 1. If you re going to be matting an art piece or a print, there s really no reason to restrict yourself on mat size. Use as much or as little space as you need However, the mat should not be the same size as the moulding it s inside. Larger/smaller is fine, but not equal. 2. While we love showing off our frames, the primary purpose of a frame is to showcase

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Weekly Picture Frame Sales – Are You in the Know?

Frame USA: Your source for cheap, high-quality picture frames You may follow us on our social networks, and perhaps even glance at our website banner advertisements every now and then to grab the latest big deal. But did you know we also have an option to sign up for weekly emails, giving you the latest savings on your favorite products? On the front page of our website, in the lower left-hand corner, there is a signup box where you can enter your email address. Do this to receive updates and sales from Frame USA that apply to both retail AND wholesale customers! Below, you can see an example of one of our weekly Frame of the Week promotions. This sets one entire series on sale on FrameUSA.com and one specific frame on sale from FrameCloseouts.FrameUSA.com. Usually for the weekly closeout, we try to offer a customer favorite style of frame that also has plenty of inventory to go around! The post Weekly Picture Frame Sales Are You in the Know? appeared first on Frame USA Blog.

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