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Affordable Closeout Frames – All Week Long

High-Quality, Cheap Picture Frames. All week long. While we re much better framers than we are athletes, we know that there s no better satisfaction than saving money on a product you ll use time and time again. While frames aren t necessarily going to be changed or go out of style often, these are great deals for small businesses or artists and photographers looking to stock up on a specific frame size. If you haven t been to Frame Closeouts lately, we ve made some big changes over the last year. The site has been re-made, frames have been reorganized and separated into colors, and the prices have only gotten better. Be sure to stop by soon this offer only lasts until July 2, 2014!

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Closeout Picture Frame Sale!

Using FrameCloseouts.com has plenty of great benefits and is a great solution for many of our customers But the model may not be for everybody. Here are three reasons why Frame Closeouts might be right up your alley.

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Save BIG on Cheap Closeout Picture Frames!

Everyone loves a good deal. And while most of our Closeouts tend to go from anywhere between 20-30% off, we also know that it can be incredibly easy to miss out on a good deal. This time, we decided to extend our sale to a week-long savings event. Not only will you save 10% on already-cheap and high-quality picture frames you ll have an entire week to save big on all of our closeout inventory! Frame Closeouts allows you to pick between wood, premium wood, metal, poster and polystyrene frames. The frames then break down into sizes, which you pick and receive at random (like a grab bag approach). This is perfect if you are looking for a large number of cheap frames and don t really mind what series you are receiving. Don t forget to save 30% on  5

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